Client Success Story

$6M International Land Deal

Situation: land owner needed to get cash out of his development property.

Problem: property is undeveloped and located in the Bahamas. Banks or traditional financing institutions often won't look at this type of property to collateralize a loan. Lenders also need to be certified to provide a loan on Bahamian commercial property. This certificate can take six months to obtain.

Solution: Quadra Management Capital sourced a lender who is experienced in lending internationally, was comfortable using this land to secure the loan and was certified to do business in the Bahamas.


New Immigrant Purchasing Investment Property

Situation: real estate investor wanted to purchase a multi-family investment property.

Problem: as a new immigrant the investor had no credit rating established in the U.S.

Solution: Quadra Management Capital secured a first mortgage for the one multi-family property and provided competitive options to refinance two additional investment properties to enable the investor to start establishing a credit rating.


$300k Manufacturer Cash Flow

Situation: manufacturing subsidiary of a German company received an order from a large U.S. retailer.

Problem: manufacturer required a $300k bridge loan to buy the supplies necessary to deliver on the order. The new U.S. subsidiary of the company had not yet established a credit rating.

Solution: Quadra Management Capital found a solution to provide PO financing enabling the manufacturer to buy supplies and expand production.